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Hardware Specialties Security Entrance Products

While our business here at Hardware Specialties has been built on manufacturing turnstiles and gates for retail stores, we also offer a few products that are centered around security entrances, such as our full height turnstiles, the Rotostile, and our handicap gate, when adding a bent finger latch to the gate, it can be used as a half height security gate.

Being a manufacturer and a fabrication shop, we can also manufacture custom security gates based on your specifications. Contact us for more details for your custom products.


full height turnstiles

Security Full Height Turnstiles


Our full height turnstiles, the Rotostile, stands about 7 1/2 feet tall and can integrate with any fencing or gate system to provide both entrance and exit into a high security facility.

The full height turnstile comes in a manual configuration with the ability to control the direction of rotation with a key selector or allowing the turnstile to act as a free spinning unit, rotating in both directions.

Standard finish is galvanized steel, however, stainless and powder coated finishes are available.


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Security Gates

V-HC Handicap Gate Hardware SpecialtiesVH-C Handicap Gate


The V-HC Handicap Gate is our ADA compliant gate providing easy access to your facility for your handicapped patrons. For stores and facilities that do not require the gate to be ADA compliant, the V-HC gate can be equipped with either a latch post or strike post for a high security entrance into restricted areas within your facility.



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Self-Closing Heavy Duty Gate Hardware SpecialtiesDouble Rail Heavy Duty Gate (V-DR-HD)

The Double Rail Heavy Duty Gate is Hardware Specialties flagship entry access gate most facilities use to close off restricted areas.

The V-DR-HD gate is often used to close off liquor and cigarette areas as well as restrict access to customer service booths. The gate can be used to restrict access to many other areas within your facility and serves as a medium security access gate.


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