Hardware Specialties Hospitality Equipment

Hardware Specialties offers a variety of hospitality equipment ranging from restaurant sneeze guards, retractable belt stanchions, and hand sanitizing stations. We can also customize products for your specific needs.


Sneeze GuardsSneeze Guards

Quality Sneeze Guards is a branded sneeze guard hospitality equipment product line by Hardware Specialties. The sneeze guards are manufactured in our Ontario, California facility.

Our standard line of restaurant and food service sneeze guards are manufactured from brushed stainless steel with other finishes available upon request. The standard tube size is 1.5″ with our new slim line of 1″ tube sneeze guards being introduced in October 2012.

Aside from our standard line of sneeze guards, we can customize them for you based on your drawing.

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Glass Partition PostsPartition Posts

Hardware Specialties offers a variety of partition posts suitable for partitioning food service areas, seating booths, and service areas.

Partition posts are ideal for restaurants, coffee houses, and buffets where a see through barrier is needed or desired.

Our standard partition post is a brushed finish stainless steel 1.5″ tube. However, we do offer custom solutions both in round and square tube solutions.


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Retractable Belt StanchionsRetractable Belt Stanchions

Our retractable belt stanchions provide a modular option for creating pedestrian queues. Each stanchion comes with a black belt and easily attaches to the next stanchion, allowing you to configure queues in order to control pedestrian traffic through your check out stands and other queuing needs.

We also offer an optional sign holder that firmly mounts to the top of each stanchion. You can add your own sign to the sign holders.



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Hand Sanitizing StationsSanitation Stations

The perfect companion to your sneeze guards and partition posts; the all new SaniStation Hand Sanitizer Automatic Foam Dispenser with Stand and the SaniStation Hand Sanitizer Wipes with Adjustable Trash Bin. Both of these products offer your customers protection against germs by killing up to 99.99% of the bacteria that can cause illness.

Both hand sanitation stations are manufactured in America from quality stainless steel or carbon metal tubing (for the powder coated models). Constructed from 2.25″ x .065 tubing with a 1/2″ thick, 14″ diameter base, the SaniStations are in a quality class of their own when it comes to other brands made from inferior material or unstablel construction. The SaniStations are designed to last.


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