Bumper Guards

Protecting your interior store walls is simple and easy with Hardware Specialties bumper guards. We offer two styles to fit your interior needs. The CB guards offer heavy duty protection, up to two thousand pounds of force from shopping carts and pallet jacks, while the VersaBumper protects your walls as well as refrigeration cases.

Both bumper guards are modular systems and, meaning that you can make them as long as you need them to be.


CB Bumper Guards by Hardware SpecialtiesCB Bumper Guards

The CB Cart Bumper is ideal for interior wall sides and as a shopping cart stoppers. The CB Bumper Guards base is heat treated and can withstand about 2,ooo pounds of force, making these bumpers ideal for protecting store fixtures from both shopping carts and pallet jacks.


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VersaBumper by Hardware SpecialtiesVersaBumper

The VersaBumper is an ideal protection bumper for stores wishing to protect interior walls and refrigeration cases. In addition, the VersaBumper can be used as a foot rest for dining areas as well as bars and restaurants.

The VersaBumper comes standard in satin finished stainless steel and is easily assembled. This system is modular, like the CB bumper, and can be designed for any length.

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