Case Guards and Protection Posts

Your store interior and fixtures, like refrigeration systems, are an expensive part of your operation. replacing them can cause downtime and potential loss of sales. Hardware Specialties Case Guard Protection Posts are designed to help reduce damage to your expensive equipment that can be caused by shopping carts or pallet jacks.

We offer a variety of case guards that will fit your needs. We also offer custom solutions. Just email us with your design or rough sketch to get started.


Case Guard Protection Posts


Square Case Guards Hardware SpecialtiesSquare Case Guard (SCG-IN)

The square case guard (Model SCG-IN) is designed to fit the corners of walls, refrigeration units, and electrical cases within your stores facility. Mainly used in storage areas in store rooms and warehouses, these square case guards can also be used in the customer areas.

Manufactured from chrome, the square case guard is available in three standard sizes, 12″, 16″, and 24″. However, if your plan calls for sizes other than the standard size, please call us for a custom quote.

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Round Case Guard by Hardware SpecialtiesRound Case Guard (RCG-IN)

The round, or half-moon as some of our contractors call them, case guards are manufactured from stainless steel and are available in three standard sizes, 12″, 16″, and 24″. These case guards are commonly used to protect your interior walls and refrigeration units from damage due to patron shopping carts and pallet jacks.

The round case guard is favored by most contractors and store owners for it’s aesthetic look and quality.


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VersaGuard Case Guard by Hardware SpecialtiesVersaGuard

Hardware Specialties VersaGuard case guards are removable for easy cleaning. These case guards, manufactured from stainless steel, come in three standard sizes, 12″, 16″, and 24″.

The VersaGuard easily fits into floor sockets which are installed in to the ground within your store. These case guards are designed to be easily removed so that cleaning crews can easily clean around your stores fixtures.

The VersaGuard case guard is also available with Line-X Protection. See specs

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Dual Case Protection Post by Hardware SpecialtiesDual Post Protector

The dual post case protection posts is a sturdy, heavy duty case protection post manufactured from stainless steel. These posts are designed to be removable, but can also be manufactured as a permanent mounted post.

Their main function is to protect your store refrigeration cases, however, some stores use the 36″ model to hang extra merchandise from as well as protect the store fixtures.

The Dual Post Protector is available in these standard sizes: 24″, and 36″ sizes, with custom heights available, based upon your design.


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