Railing System

Hardware Specialties provides three types of configuration for their post and rail system; single, double, and triple rails. Post and rails are used for a wide variety of applications, from indoor cart corrals to pedestrian control and entry systems.



Retail Store Post and Rail Systems



Single Post and RailSingle Rail, Post Configuration

The Single Rail System is ideal for configuring indoor shopping cart corrals. The single rail configuration provides a top bar, allowing carts to pass underneath the bar and be stored. When shopping carts are stored, patrons can not pass through the single rail system.

The single rail systems seamlessly integrates with the double rail and triple rail systems.

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Double Rail Post ConfigurationDouble Rail, Post Configuration

The Double Rail System is the standard post and rail system found in most grocery, and supermarket stores. Used primarily as access and entrance barriers, the double rail system integrates seamlessly with the single post and rail as well as with our gates and turnstiles.


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Triple Rail SystemTriple Rail, Post Configuration

The Triple Rail System is designed as a higher security post and rail system, providing the maximum protection against loss prevention that a post and rail system can provide. With 44″ height, the triple rail has a reduced space between rails.



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