V-248 “Spider” Four-Arm Turnstile

V-248 4-Arm Turnstile by Hardware Specialties

The V-248 “Spider” four-arm turnstile is Hardware Specialties flagship turnstile. The V-248 comes standard as a complete system which includes the yoke arm, turnstile, and ET post (end of turnstile post). Complete V-248 system shown at right.

The V-248 is ideal for retail facilities that require medium to high security pedestrian entrance that helps fight loss prevention efforts, such as supermarket chains, liquor stores, retail clothing stores, and any other retail establishment that require a controlled entrance and/or exit.

The V-248 can easily be configured in the field to rotate either clockwise or counter clockwise. In addition, this system integrates seamlessly with our Post and Rail system and access gates.

The V-248 is also available in a tandem configuration for facilities that require both an entrance and exit in close proximity or where their is heavy pedestrian flow and a facility requires two entrances and/or two exit points into their facility.


V-248 Turnstile Features

  • Single directional turnstile.
  • Yoke arm and ET included
  • Welded round radius end caps help prevent injury to patrons
  • 14″ stainless steel arms
  • Heavy wall, stainless steel posts
  • 5.5″ base and slip cover
  • Anchor mounted (Optional anchor bolts available)
  • High polish standard finish (optional finishes, #4 satin, brushed finish. Powder coated colors available)
  • Available in tandem configuration, V-248T-TS
  • Manufactured in America

[wptabs type=”accordion” effect=”fade” mode=”horizontal”][wptabtitle] Product Part Numbers[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Turnstile and Optional Product Part Numbers

Part Number Description
V-248TS 4-Arm Turnstile, Complete Standard System
V-248T-TS 4-Arm Tandem Turnstile, Complete Standard System
V-248T 4-Arm Turnstile Head & Arm Assembly w/Post
VSRET 35″ SR End of Turnstile Post
V-YC-B35 (optional) Crescent Yoke w/35″ Blank Post
OPO (optional) Post Outlet
COMP3/81.5 (optional) Anchor Bolts

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