“Cloverleaf” Four-Arm Turnstile


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The V-72 “Cloverleaf” four-arm security turnstile provides added security for facilities that require the extra asset protection from shop lifters. The V-72 turnstile system comes with a yoke arm, turnstile, and ET post (end of turnstile post) with a guard arm that helps prevent patrons from jumping over the turnstile. Image to right is a complete system.

The V-72 security turnstile seamlessly integrates with Hardware’s Post and rail system and access gates, allowing you to configure the system to meet your specific design requirements.

Suggested Industries and Facilities

The V-72 security turnstile is ideal for retail stores that require a moderate security entrance for pedestrians. Facilities and stores such as, but not limited to, retail supermarket stores and chains, automotive stores, liquor stores, retail clothing stores and shops, and any other store or facility that requires a moderate security turnstile and has space to accommodate the V-72.

For facilities that require a pedestrian entrance and exit in the same location, the V-72 can be designed as a tandem turnstile, one side for an entrance and the other as an exit, or both sides as an entrance and/or exit.

V-72 Security Turnstile Features

  • Single directional turnstile.
  • Yoke arm, ET (End of Turnstile post), and Guard Arm included
  • Welded round radius end caps help prevent injury to patrons
  • 14″ stainless steel arms
  • Heavy wall, stainless steel posts
  • 5.5″ base and slip cover
  • Anchor mounted (Optional anchor bolts available)
  • High polish standard finish (optional finishes, #4 satin, brushed finish. Powder coated colors available)
  • V72 can be manufactured as a tandem system
  • Manufactured in America