Handicap Gate


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The V-HC Handicap Gate is Hardware Specialties ADA compliant gate, providing easy access to your store or facility for your handicapped patrons. The gate integrates with our Post and Rail system as well as turnstiles for a complete entry and exit system in to your store.

The handicap gate is made with a stainless steel kick plate at the base for easy wheelchair access and has a bi-directional swing which allows for easy entrance and exit into your store. In order for this gate to be ADA compliant, you should not add a latch post or any type of stop barrier to the gate.

For stores and facilities that do not require the gate to be ADA compliant, the V-HC gate can be equipped with either a latch post or strike post for a security gate entrance into restricted areas within your facility.


V-HC Security Handicap Gate Features

  • Made from 16-Gauge stainless steel
  • Welded stainless steel kick plate
  • Double sided sign with handicap sticker (can be changed to universal DO Not Enter sign or left blank)
  • Includes gate and hinge post
  • Optional latch post available (Non-ADA compliance applications)
  • Optional mounting hardware available
  • Comes standard in a brushed stainless finish
  • Other finish available, high polish and powder coated finishes to match your interior design