Three Arm Turnstile


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V-73 Turnstile
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V-73 Three Arm Turnstile

Three-Arm Turnstiles The V-73, three-arm pedestrian turnstile, is Hardware Specialties slimmed down turnstile which is ideal for facilities with limited entry or exit space. The V-73  comes standard with a chrome polished finish with additional finishes available upon request.

This self-contained unit easily integrates with our post and rail system. For conserving space, you can add a post outlet to the turnstile post, eliminating the need for extra post that would typically be installed next to the turnstile. This would reduce the several inches of space between the two posts.

Suggested Industries and Facilities
The V-73 turnstile is a space saving turnstile and is ideal, but not limited to, the following types of stores and facilities: convention centers that require pedestrian control over a large entry area, convenient stores, liquor stores, fitness centers, small-sized retail stores, automotive shops, and any other retail store that has a limited amount of space or requires multiple pedestrian queuing lines.

The V-73 is also available in a tandem configuration. In addition, a key resettable digital counter is also available, please inquire about details.

V-73 Turnstile Features

  • Welded end caps
  • Space saving size (25″ width)
  • 14″ stainless steel arms
  • Heavy wall, stainless steel post
  • 5.5″ base and slip cover
  • Optional key resettable digital counter available
  • Anchor mounted High polish standard finish (optional finishes, #4 satin, brushed finish. Powder coated colors available)
  • Available in tandem configuration, V-73T
  • Manufactured in America