Retail Store Fixtures

Being a manufacturer and a fabrication shop, we can also manufacture custom products based on your specifications. 
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Hardware Specialties Retail Store Fixture Products
Hardware Specialties have been manufacturing the Sentry Turnstile brand for over 80 years. A quality built product manufactured in our facilities in Ontario, California, the turnstile has truly met the test of time. While there is a new trend in retail store design, the turnstile is still a proven mainstay when it comes to controlling the flow of people in and out of your store and loss prevention.Hardware currently offers both three-arm and four-arm turnstile solutions.
Retail Store Pedestrian Gates
Hardware Specialties provides top quality stainless steel gates that are designed to be both installed indoors as well as outside. Our gates are commonly used in retail store settings to provide shopping cart access as well as barriers to close of areas to the public, allowing only employees to enter the area.For facilities requiring both a turnstile and handicap access, Hardware offers the handicap gate which can easily be integrated with our post and rail system and turnstiles, adding easy access to your store or facility.Hardware currently offers several models of stainless steel gates.
Railing System/Indoor Cart Corrals
Designed to be easily configurable, our post and rail systems can be configured in single, double, and triple rail configurations. Mounting choices include either core-drilled posts or anchor-mounted posts.Post and rails are ideal for loss prevention, providing a barrier guide for entering patrons into your store or facility. In addition to acting as a defense for loss prevention, our post Hardware Specialties post and rail can be used to configure interior shopping cart corrals and storage ares.

Case Protection Guards
Case protection guards provide you as a business owner or manager piece of mind. Hardware Specialties helps protect your valuable store fixtures such as refrigeration cases, wall corners and doorways from shopping cart and pallet jack damage. We offer several styles and finishes to suit your interior design.Our case guards can be removable, for easier floor cleaning and maintenance or permanently, anchor-mounted, where removing the case guards are not necessary.
Case Bumpers
Hardware Specialties offers two styles of cart bumpers that helps prevent damage to walls and glass cases by shopping carts and pallet jacks. The VersaBumper is a streamlined, designed, removable bumper that is often used to protect glass case guards in deli and meat departments of super markets from shopping cart damage.The permanent mount, standard, cart bumper provides for extra protection, able to protect your facilities walls from even motorized pallet jacks. These cart bumpers are also used in conjunction with our post and rail cart corals.
Protection Posts
For that extra protection of your refrigeration cases, electrical panels, gas pumps, or any other expensive and critical piece, Hardware Specialties offers its protection posts. Posts are available in three mounting options, core drilled for a permanent solution, anchor-mounted for a semi-permanent solution, and removable for easy cleaning.Our standard sized posts are available from 2.25″ to 3″ diameter. For superior protection, we offer custom sizes in larger diameters.